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I hated looking at it.

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we can all be happy joffrey is dead but if you didn’t feel bad for cersei you’re heartless and not welcome to be near me

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who here felt personally victimized by jon snow talking about robb stark but would like about three hours more of it [raises hand]

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cant believe i care about jesse pinkman so much he’s not even a real person and i literally wonder how he’s doing like twice a day

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HIMYM finale reviews

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Nine years of amazing character development to bring us back to season one:

Ted is obsessed with Robin

Robin’s work schedule is insane

Barney’s a whore

Lily and Marshall are compromising their dreams for each other

What mother?

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the reason this finale hurt so much to watch as a fan is this:

  • they build up an entire season for barney x robin’s wedding only to divorce them in 30 minutes
  • they make robin unable to have children early on and after her divorce with barney give him a love child…… ew
  • they unravel all of barney’s character development and have him say that he’s just being his true self by picking up girls and not settling down and getting girls pregnant apparently
  • but worst of all is they built this show around the concept of ted meeting the love of his life and his children’s mother and you introduce us to this mother who is amazing and is so compatible with ted and you let them have 2 children together you don’t let them get married until far after that and then you kill her (on this ‘comedy’) and then you stick him back with robin? one of the main reasons ted x robin didn’t work was she didn’t want kids so you make her barren and a step mother? and now this show isn’t really how i met your mother. it’s how i met your step mother and kept breaking up with her for 9 years but we’re back together now so it’s chill
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worst series finale of a show i’ve ever seen

TERRIBLE disjointed writing

drama for the sake of drama

no questions answered really

destroying character growth

like robin wtf why is she hardly there

shock vaule over decent and satisfying storytelling



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